Whether you are a marketer, business owner or SEO expert, backlinks should still be at the very top of your priority list. But not just any backlinks, you want high authority backlinks from trustworthy sites.

Business directories present 1 unique opportunity, they are a quick way to gain (still) valuable dofollow backlinks from high authority sources.

Have you heard the term, ‘Never put all your apples in a single basket’ well in order for your SEO strategy of obtaining backlinks you need to be successful, you need to diversify.

Your diversification needs to be diversified, and then again. Confused yet? Let me explain deeper.


Pros of Business Directories

  • Quickly gain dofollow backlinks
  • Easily screen those business directories for spam, TF/CF scores, and domain authority
  • Easy removal if they are harming your site
  • They are cheap

Plain and simple, business directories are a quick, cheap and easy way to gain valuable backlinks to your site. They can also lead to more web traffic.

One of the most important factors search algorithms use to determine the authority of your website is the number of referring domains that point to your domain or subdomains.

So in this context quantity is important. But always go for quality over quantity. 20 high-quality backlinks from trusted sources are better than 100 backlinks from crappy ones.

Keep track of your network of business directories that you like, that are affordable, and that you can trust. If you can create a network of about 25 of these sites, you are golden. No need to have more than that.


Cons of Business Directories

  • 80% are low quality, lack TF/CF, and domain authority
  • Limited ability to diversify your backlink profile
  • They lack contextual significance which is becoming more important search algorithms
  • Most are non-niche related

The biggest downfall of business directories is that they lack the marketing muscle that keeps the directory relevant and growing. Most directories plateau because they fail to continually market themselves.

A majority of the directories out there are old and outdated, avoid these.

Instead, you should find ones that actually care about the user-experience, that are active in posting, and that respond quickly.


Link Diversification

Something we cannot stress enough when it comes to your backlink profile. is link diversification.

There are three ways in which you can shake up your link profile that’ll benefit your money site. The most simple of the three is the link type; nofollow, dofollow and canonical are the three you should be focusing on.

  • nofollow – tells search spiders to not follow the link to its source, no link juice passed
  • dofollow – tell the spiders to follow it, link juice passed
  • rel:canonical – tells spiders the true source of a piece of content, super important for content promotion

You need a solid blend of all three, but the most beneficial are dofollow links.

The second type of link diversification is the source of backlinks or where the links are actually coming from. The main objective here is to obtain links from high-quality sources. Quality over quantity.

  •  #1 Authentic – links you don’t create from high-quality sources
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Business Directories
  • Infographics, Images & Videos
  • Guest Posting
  • Profiles & Forum Signatures
  • Q&A Sites

The final type of diversification is the anchor text type. Search algorithms view sites with varied anchor text types as less spammy and more valid. The four key types are…

Branded pass the most link juice, so you will want to have the most of these. Followed by semi-branded and naked URLs. Non-branded still pass link juice but lack the contextual relevance to maximize the backlink.