What can listing directories do for your business in 2017 and beyond?

The answer is simple, web traffic and backlinks. Both important qualities for your visibility in search engines and the way your website ranks for certain keywords. Quality is always more important that quantity, although a little quantity never hurt either.

Google has over 200 ranking factors that contribute to how your website shows up in search results. Their algorithm is becoming more and more of a secret which is making it harder for marketers to adjust.

Backlinks were once the gold standard for how high your site ranks, you wanted as many as possible. Links pointing to your page are still important, but what is more important are links from quality sources.


Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Source, Citation Source

DA/PA/TS/CS are common ways to measure the authority of your own website and the links pointing to it. Domain Authority and Page Authority are on a 1 to 100 ranking scale and is a free tool you can use through Moz.

1 being the lowest and 100 being sites like Google, Facebook and Youtube.

Trust Flow and Citation Flow are also ranked 1 to 100 through Majestic’s Site Explorer tool. Trust Flow measures the trustworthiness of incoming links from how those sources are linked to. Citation Flow predicts how influential a site linking to yours is based on the sites linking to it.

A good rule of thumb you want your own URL to be as high up the DA scale as possible, with interior pages being as high as possible as well.

From the backlinks you collect, you want likes from websites with a PA/DA score higher than yours. The listing directories you list your website in should also have high PA/DA scores. Avoid directories with low PA/DA/TF/CF.


What link directories should you have your site listed in?

Let me start with a caveat. You shouldn’t list your website in 1,000,000 link directories. Search engines want to see a variation of link directories, social bookmarks, forum commenting, blog posts, internal linking, and other Web 2.0 backlinks.

They also want to see a variation of links types; dofollow, nofollow, exact match, branded, partial, URL’s, non-descriptive.

When you look at the various listing directories around the web, you want to immediately check the DA/PA/TF/CF scores for it. My general rule of thumb always aim for link directories with a DA/PA above 15, and TF/CF above 10.

You will also want to check the quality of the data within the directory. You want to avoid spammy listing directories that show signs of foreign languages, keyword stuff and too many listings on a single page.

You should also confirm that the directory offers a dofollow backlink option.


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